PLEASE NOTE: All training sessions are strictly one-on-one. This is to ensure that the rider has the instructor’s

undivided attention, which allows any individual problems to be addressed.



This level offers an opportunity for an entry-level rider who little to no experience on the track. This is a concise introduction to track days and covers the fundamentals of bike control in a professional and controlled environment.


Areas covered:

-   Braking

-   Engine braking

-   Apexes

-   Brake markers

-   Confidence in trusting the bike

-   Smooth gear changing

-   Slight lean angle

-   Safe acceleration

-   Overall motorcycle control


Suitable for riders that are ready to up the pace. This level focuses on rider techniques and the mechanics of the track bike.


Areas covered:

-   Body positioning

-   Advanced braking

-   Faster corner exiting

-   Getting your knee down

-   ‘Unlearning’ bad habits

-   Motorcycle suspension setup

-   Finding a comfortable rhythm



This level focuses on B Group track riders wanting to advance to A Group or compete in race events.


Areas covered:

-   Fine-tuning the rider

-   Improving lap times

-   Race track sector timing

-   Lean angles

-   Trail braking

-   Counter steering

-   Lines and apexes

-   ‘Ideal lap time

Please note that you will be required to sign a Bike Rental Agreement (if you train on one of our rental bikes), a Rider Indemnity Form and supply a copy of your ID. These forms can be downloaded from our Terms and Conditions page.



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